DESCRIPTION: BOYSEN® Quick Drying Enamel is an alkyd type paint that provides great durability while being noted as a fast drying paint. It is formulated to give a tough, durable, beautiful and high build film on wood and metal. Its superior hiding, combined with an exceptionally high gloss level, leads to an excellent, long-lasting finished appearance.

PRINCIPAL USES: Superior for exterior and interior wood and metal surfaces.

PRACTICAL COVERAGE: 20 – 25 square meter /4 liters /coat

DRY FILM THICKNESS: 1.5 mils/coat

SURFACE DRY: Five (5) hours maximum

DRY THROUGH: Two (2) hours

OVERCOATING INTERVAL: Allow eight (8) hours

THINNING: Use BOYSEN® Paint Thinner #0340 if necessary

APPLICATION: By brush or roller

PACKAGING: 16-liter (white only), 4-liter, 1-liter and ¼-liter can

COLORANTS: Use only BOYSEN® Oil Tinting Colors for tinting to achieve pastel shades. To produce dark shades, use factory mixed color. Do not use Prussian Blue B-2304, Hansa Yellow   B-2319, and Bulletin Red B-2315 for exterior application.

Boysen Quick Drying Enamel


Wood – Surface to be painted should be clean and dry, free from dust, dirt and other foreign matter. Hammer all nails deep enough to apply putty. Sand rough wood until smooth, then dust off before painting.

If repainting, first remove all blistering, peeling and scaling paint by wire brushing or BOYSEN® Paint and Varnish Remover #141. Clean thoroughly prior to painting.

Metal – Wipe the surface with rag soaked in paint thinner to remove dust, dirt, grease, oil, wax and other foreign matter. For new G.I. sheets, etch the surface by applying 10% BOYSEN®  Metal Etching Solution #71 (dilute 1 part of B-71 to 9 parts water).

If repainting, wire brush or scrape rusted metals and apply BOYSEN®  Metal Etching Solution #71 to remove all rust. Let it stay for 10-15 minutes. Be sure to wash off surface thoroughly with water, letting it dry before applying paint. Prime immediately after drying.


1st Coat:               BOYSEN®  Flatwall Enamel #800
Putty:                   BOYSEN®  Plasolux Glazing Putty #311
2nd & 3rd Coat:     BOYSEN®  Quick Dry Enamel (any desired color)

1st coat:               BOYSEN® Red Oxide Primer #310,
BOYSEN® Rust Off™ Primer Gray #330,
or BOYSEN® Primeguard™ #4310
2nd & 3rd Coat:     BOYSEN®  Quick Dry Enamel (any desired color)

For technical reasons connected with color reproduction and paint manufacturing, these patterns may not exactly match the paint color.

Paint Packaging

1-Liter Can, 1/4 Liter Can, 4-Liter Can


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