About Wanli Tires

Wanli Tire Co. Ltd., or Wanli Tire, designs and manufactures tires worldwide with an annual capacity of 2 million units by using high quality tire technology. Wanli Tire produces tires for all kinds of tires for comfort, fuel efficiency, sport, professional racing, and off-road. By providing both top-quality tires and service, Wanli Tire has become a fast-growing and achieving company with the goal of becoming one of the best tire manufacturers in the world. Wanli Tire is registered in major export markets such as the United States, UK, Australia, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Its products have been exported to more than 150 countries and regions. Wanli Tire’s excellent quality management system fully covers everything from raw materials testing to logistics and after sales service. In recent years, Wanli Tire has received numerous awards and has gained widespread recognition for production safety and environmental protection.


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