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Spanish style roofing sheets use high weather-resistant ASA material to keep color stable and increase lifetime for more than 30 years, it is widely used in villas, residential houses, and pavilions.



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ASA PVC material Spanish-style roofing sheets
ASA PVC material Spanish style roof sheets is a kind of environmental-friendly, energy conservation and recycling building material popular in developed and developing countries can resist the chemical corrosion of acid, alkali, salt, etc. The test proves that there is no chemical reaction when dipped synthetic resin roof tile in the salt and alkali below 60% acid, it has been widely used in villas, residential houses, prefabricated houses, parks, and pavilions.


Model R1050
Material ASA, Raw PVC material, and other chemical materials
Thickness 2.3mm 2.5mm 3.0mm
Overall width 720mm 880mm 1050mm
Effective width 640mm 800mm 960mm
Length Customized, times of 219mm
Max 5.694m for 20FT container, Max11.826m for 40HQ container
Purlin distance 660mm 770mm 880mm
Weight/m2 4.6Kgs 5.0Kgs 6.0Kgs
Quantity/40HQ 6000m2 5500m2 4800m2


Main color

Excellent advantages

Why ASA PVC, Not clay, Not steel, Not cement?

   ASA PVC Clay steel cement
Color stable
Heat insulation

Accessories of Spanish style roofing sheets

Application of Spanish-style roofing sheets
Spanish-style roof sheets have been widely used in villa, residential house, prefabricated house, park, and pavilion.

Installation and notes of Spanish-style roofing sheets

During handling, the products must not be thrown rudely to avoid damaging or scratching the product surface.

Royal Tile is applicable for the pitch from 20°to 80°. Special measures should be taken during installation for the pitch beyond this range.

1. Anti-corrosion treatment: Metal purlines should be coated with one layer of anti-rust paint and two layers of finishing coatings. Wood purlines should be coated with anti-corrosion or asphalt oil.
2. The top purlines should have a 180mm distance from the ridge line in order to install the ridge tiles.
3. The bottom purline should be 50-70mm from the eave.
4. The suggested purline spacing is 660mm.

Length x Width (mm)

5694 x 1050 mm


2.5mm, 3.0mm


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