Jbosch Hybrid Doors Walnut-104


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Jbosch Hybrid Doors

Our doors contains a certain proportion of auxiliary materials, such as stabilizing agent, foaming agent, modifier and ingredients according to a strict mixing ratio, which effectively guarantee the quality of foamed sheet. Hybrid Doors are durable and have a long excellent physical property is better than wood dimensional stability. These doors won’t crack, warping, or twill. Have good flame retardant performance. Great extent play the role of fire prevention, This performance will greatly improve the safety of our houses.

There are diverses of surfaces treatment technology, such as thermal transfer, peritoneal or paint. According to the needs of the customers, we can create a colorful variety of appearance, and high stability and long service life.

Door Size

70cm x 210cm, 70cm x 240cm, 80cm x 210cm, 80cm x 240cm, 90cm x 210cm, 90cm x 240cm

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