ATOP uPVC T1130 UPVC Roof Sheet White


UPVC roof tiles advantages:
1.Corrosion resistance
2.Heat insulation property
4.Good Sound insulation
5.Excellent Thermal insulation properties.



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Model T1130
Material Raw PVC material, and other chemical materials
Thickness 2.0mm 2.5mm 3.0mm
Weight/Sqm 4.0kg 5.0kg 6.0kg
Quantity/40’HQ 7200m2 5700m2 4800m2
Overall width 1130mm
Effective width 1050mm
Length Customized, Max 5.8m for 20FT container, Max 11.8m for 40HQ container
Purlin distance ≤1200mm


Excellent advantages

Why upvc corrugated sheet, Not clay, Not steel, Not cement?

UPVC Clay steel cement
Light weight
Heat insulation



Installation of UPVC corrugated sheet

Our Certificate

Test Report of upvc corrugated sheet

NO. Test Item Test Method Test Condition Test Result
1 UV Exposure ASTM G154-12 ASTM D2244-11 ASTM G154-12 cycle 1, Lamp type:UV340, Exposure period:200h ΔE*ab=0.5
2 Tensile Strength ASTM D638-10 Testing speed:50mm/min 26Mpa
3 Flexural Strength ASTM D790-10 Procedure A Testing speed: 1.3mm/min Span:48mm 52Mpa
4 Impact Resistance ASTM D5420-10 Geometry GE(Ø12.7mm) Impact Weight:0.9kg Mean Failure energy:4J
5 High-Temperature Resistance 60℃, 6h No visible change
6 Low Temperature -35℃, 6h No visible change
7 Chemical Resistance 70% Ethanol solution(v/v), Immersion test, 23℃, 2h No visible change
10% NaOH solution Immersion(m/m), test, 23℃, 2h No visible change
Saturated NaCL solution(m/m), Immersion test, 23℃, 2h No visible change
8 Thermal Conductivity ASTM C518-10 Mean Temperature 25.58℃ Temperature difference 9.36℃ Thermal Conductivity 0.071[(W/(M.K)]
9 20mm Vertical burning test UL94-2013 Section 8 Specimen:129×12.5×3.0mm V-0
10 Sound Insulation Compare with metal roof tile 30dB lower
11 Hard to Burn B1 Grade Oxygen index 32.4
Length x Width (mm)

5800 x 1130 mm

Thickness (mm)

1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0


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