ABC Redifix Tile Adhesive Additive


STEP 1: REDIFIX SLURRY Mixing Ratio Coverage (approx.)
Redifix Water Tile Adhesive Original 8 – 9 m²
1 L 1 L 3 kg
4 L 4 L 12 kg 32 – 36 m²
Coverage is dependent on tile size, substrate condition & application thickness.
STEP 2: REDIFIX MODIFIED TILE ADHESIVE Mixing Ratio Coverage (approx.)
Redifix Water Tile Adhesive Original 0.8 m²
800 ml 800 ml 5 kg
4 L 4 L 25 kg 4 m²
Calculation is based on 30 x 30cm tiles with 4mm adhesive thickness.

Packaging: 1L plastic pouch & 4L plastic container

Storage & Shelf Life:  When stored in a cool dry place & in its original unopened packaging, Redifix Tile Adhesive Additive will remain usable one year from date of manufacture.

Warranty: Due to variety of applications, different working methods and the various properties of bases, we cannot assume responsibility or liability with regard to the application of our products. Our guarantee and liability are restricted to the quality of our products at the time of acceptance of the customer of such products. In no case shall our liability extend beyond replacement of defective products, if any, found at the time of acceptance. For all deliveries and services, our General Sales Condition including warranties stipulated for each case are valid.


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