HardieFlex® NexGen™ fiber cement boards are mold resistant* and protected by MoldBlock™ Technology. 4.5mm is the best ceiling solution for internal residential applications greater than 6sqm and is a standard solution for internal walls exposed to low traffic. It is fire-resistant and deemed to be non-combustible. At the same time, it is resistant to damage caused by moisture, termites, and rotting. All of our boards come with a 10-year *product warranty. We recommend using only authorized accessories to achieve the maximum strength of your HardieFlex® NexGen™ boards. To learn more about proper installation, visit our Youtube page (JamesHardiePH).

Want to know if you’re getting the real HardieFlex® NexGen™ boards? Look for the green stripes and branding on the board.

HardieFlex ® NexGen™ Fiber Cem...